Loman Park Hotel Yogyakarta


Loman Park Hotel Yogyakarta

WELCOME TO LOMAN PARK HOTEL YOGYAKARTA  is a four star hotel with a unique international business &  classics styled located in the city’s university district at Jalan Gejayan – Affandi, Complex Colombo. The property features distinctive Javanese architecture, which imbues a sense of antiquity blended with modern facilities.

There are numerous cultural attractions close to the hotel, including the impressive Sultan's Palace, known as the Keraton, as well as the Malioboro shopping arcades. Just a short distance out of town are the tranquil beaches of the Indian Ocean, Kota Gedhe, Merapi Volcano, and the famous Buddhist and Hindu Temples of Borobudur and Prambanan.

By combining the very best of old traditions and excellent new facilities, we are committed to the highest  level of service. Stay with us at LOMAN PARK HOTEL YOGYAKARTA and enjoy our warm Javanese hospitality.

    • Located in Jogjakarta's University district, a one-hour flight from Jakarta and Bali
    • Situated midway between the airport and the train situation only ten minutes drive in either direction
    • Just a few minutes from all the cultural center of jogjakarta, include the bustling Malioboro street market
    • A short distance out of town, visitors can marvel at the world famous Borobudur and Prambanan Temples, relax on the tranquil beaches that line the Indian Ocean, or play golf on the slopes of the majestic Merapi Volcano
    • 100m to UNY & Sanata Dharma
    • 1 Km to Lippo Mall
    • 2 Km to Ambarrukmo Plaza
    • 3 Km to Pakuwon Mall
    • 4 Km to Malioboro Mall
    • 4,5 Km to Tugu Station
    • 13 Km to Prambanan Temple
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loman park hotel image section1


Loman Park Hotel Yogyakarta by understanding its responsibilities and duties in the midst of Yogyakarta's dynamic ecosystem, strives to achieve an Excellent and Unique Service Level so that the Experiences felt by the Stakeholders become an unforgettable and memorable moment.

The tagline "Care About Convenience"  which is also a form of steps to be able to move forward with the community and the surrounding environment about the mission to beautify and care about the future of the Earth "Memayu Hayuning Bawana" which is implemented in the form of concrete actions 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), including reducing the use of plastic in the hotel environment and participating in social movements to beautify the earth such as increasing plants / reforestation, replanting activities, and various other activities in CSR programs.

Loman Park Hotel Yogyakarta

We Care

Rooms & Rates

Presents elegant classic style room and modern furnishings and interior design
Loman Park Hotel Yogyakarta

Main Facilities


Design touches that honor the heritage of classic aesthetics, Classics feature elegant furniture and impressive details

Sports Facilities

There are several sports facilities that you can get at Loman Park Hotel

Swimming Pool

Introducing our luxury swimming pool, perfect for relaxation and exercise while you are at our hotel


Experience a cool and refreshing garden atmosphere with our newest product

Pawon Indigo


Pawon Indigo is a restaurant located within the Loman Park Hotel area, serving a restaurant atmosphere with the concept of a blend of Javanese culture and minimalist contemporary nuances. Pawon which in Javanese means Kitchen, while Indigo is defined as an advantage, so Pawon Indigo is a Kitchen with various advantages, which serves a variety of cushion dining menus with authentic and extraordinary flavors. A wide variety of menus with ancestral recipes touched with contemporary style and presentation, fishion dining and contemporary style are ready to accompany the meal time of hotel guests and visitors in general.

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Loman Park Hotel Yogyakarta


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Loman Park Hotel Yogyakarta

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